Mission Statement

The Invisible College exists to provide an environment where advanced ideas, relevant to the development of a new  paradigm for our times, can be developed in safety. To bring this about,
there needs to be a synthesis of ancient wisdom with new discoveries. To this end we encourage research aimed at extending our understanding both into areas of ‘lost’ knowledge (e.g. the purpose behind pyramid building) and new discoveries in fields such as plasma cosmology.
Our mission is also to restore hope and confidence in our purpose as spiritual beings living for a while in material bodies. We believe this has been sorely damaged by both the failure of dogmatic religions to accommodate the advances made by modern science, but also by the
failure of contemporary philosophy to appreciate the larger picture of human potential that religion implies.
One way that the college seeks to put right this imbalance is  by adopting and adapting the scientific rationale of ‘hypothesis-leading-to-theory-leading-to-further-hypothesis’ and applying this to matters heretofore regarded as the domain of religion. To this end it encourages people to adopt what might be called ‘flexible’ rather than  ‘fixed’ faith. For just as natural science does not expect a university professor of physics to have the same naive, mental models of the universe as a primary school pupil, so we also need to be flexible when dealing with the larger questions posed by religion. This, we understand, to be one of the greatest challenges of our time: how to transform religious dogmatism (which frequently leads to wars and conflicts) into a system of religious hypotheses/theories that allows for faith to develop like an unfolding
flower. We believe this to be a more appropriate way of transformation and one more attuned to our times.
So that it will have a world-wide reach and therefore be available to anyone in any country with internet access, it is intended that the college should be primarily web-based. However, it is also intended to make more TV programmes and to make these available on disk and download as well as through broadcast TV. It is also intended that in due course conferences will be held in diverse places under the auspices of the college.

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