Where to now?

I put this WordPress blog together a couple of years ago now. Since then much has happened in my life, most of it to do with health issues. This, however, has certain benefits. As long as we see life stretching out before us as a long, red carpet leading to fame, fortune, family and friends, we have little incentive to get on and realise our potential. After all there is always tomorrow, and then the day after that to start getting busy. There is nothing like a medical crisis in your life to bring you up short.

I am not going to go into the ins and outs of this. Suffice it to say that I am acutely aware that our productive life is all too short even if we live on to a great, old-age. But this brings other realisations too. If life is short, then we have to prioritise. We cannot do everything on our ‘bucket list’ and if we want to leave a useful legacy, then we must get on with it now.

For all these reasons I am gong to revive The Invisible College concept, although I may change the name to something else. Exactly what form all this is going to take I don’t know yet. But please watch this space!


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