What is happening in the Middle East?

Way back in 1999 I wrote a book called Signs in the Sky. It presented unequivocal evidence, based on the position of the stars and planets as they would look around the 21st June 2000, that we were entering the ‘end times’.

I am not going to rewrite that book here or re-hash its arguments. I have neither the time nor space to do that. However I will briefly summarize some of its findings. Anyone who has ever read their bible (and I admit that is much less likely to be the case today than it was a hundred years ago) can only be struck by the strangeness of some of its content. Sure there are some books, such as King 1 and 2 that are pretty straightforward accounts of historical events. There are also many books (often written by ‘prophets’) which while opaque to exact interpretation, are nevertheless couched in language and imagery that we can all understand. Then there is the Apocalypse or Revelation of St John, which forms a sort of Appendix or Epilogue to the main texts and is the strangest book of all.

The Apocalypse describes a vision or set of visions concerning what is to happen to the world at the end of the age. These visions are experienced by John, an elderly man living on the Greek island of Patmos who may or may not have been the same person as the Apostle John, the author of his eponymous Gospel. This John has what we would today describe as an OOB (‘Out of Body) experience during which the fate of the world is revealed to him in the form of symbolic imagery. The imagery used is very similar to a dream sequence except that for John, in his OOB state, it is more real than that. He feels himself totally immersed in the ‘world’ of the symbols.

During this adventure, which he records in his book, he is guided by an entity he calls ‘The Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last’. This entity is a Christ-like figure of awesome presence. He is described as standing amidst seven candlesticks or lights, which are also stars; he wears a belt and his face shines ‘as the sun in its strength’; he also holds seven stars in his hand, which we are later told are seven angels guiding seven churches in Anatolia or Asia.

Now for reasons I can’t go into here, I believe that the ‘Alpha and Omega’ figure is to be understood microcosmically (in the world of man) as symbolising the Christos and macrocosmically (the world of stars) as the constellation of Orion. The belt is Orion’s belt, the face shining as the ‘sun in its strength’ indicates that we are looking at the period of the Summer solstice. Macrocosmically, the seven lights are the seven planets of the ancients: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (they didn’t know of Uranus and Neptune, which cannot be seen with the naked eye). Now it just so happens that on 29th June 2000, one week after the solstice, these seven planets were all gathered on either side of Orion. In other words Orion was standing amidst the seven lights.

Furthermore, on the day of the solstice itself, the sun was positioned exactly over the up-stretched hand of Orion. Now symbolically speaking, this is very important. The point where the sun was standing marks the crossing of the ecliptic, the pathway followed by the sun as it makes its annual journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac, with the median plane or equator of our galaxy, the Milky Way. In ancient times this point was known as one of the ‘Gates of Heaven’, the other being in the southern constellation of Sagittarius, just over the sting of Scorpio. Now because of the slow cycle, known as the ‘precession of the equinoxes’, the positions of the stars in the sky change over time. This is also true of Orion, which in the course of roughly 26,000 years, moves from its most southerly position, to its most northerly and back down to its most southerly.

The same is true of the ‘star-gate’ positions. The gateway over the hand of Orion is currently in its most northerly position and it will shortly start moving southwards again so that in roughly 13,000 years time, the sun will be positioned at it on the Winter Solstice. Moving with it is the constellation of Orion which therefore would appear to be a sort of gate-keeper or measurer of time. This, I believe, is why in the Apocalypse the macrosmic version of the figure is called ‘the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last’: it is because it seemingly moves the gate of heaven from its Alpha or start position to its terminal or Omega position.

For all these reasons (an you can read a much fuller explanation in ‘Signs in the Sky’) I believe that the summer solstice period in 2000 marked the end of the ‘Latter Days’ (the roughly 2000 year period of time between the Birth of Jesus Christ under the Fish or Pisces, and our entering into the ‘End of Days’. This is a transitional period when we move from the Age of Pisces (Latter Days) into the Age of Aquarius (the symbolic renewal of the world with the waters of life).

Now the End of Days is the period, I believe, that is described in such graphic detail in the Apocalypse of John, or at least in its earlier chapters. Again I am not going to attempt a full explanation here however it does describe a time of turmoil. To mark the occasion of what I named ‘the opening of the star-gate’, in June 2000 I took a party of people to Egypt and Israel. We watched the sun sit on the top of the central pyramid of Giza as it crossed the east west axis and then went to Jerusalem to observe the rising of Orion, at dawn on 29th June: the day when the seven lights were gathered round it. We watched this—or at least as much as we could before the rising sun blotted out the stars—from a vantage point close to the Golden Gate, which stands on the east side of the Temple Mount and facing the Mount of Olives. At the time we were in Jerusalem everything was peaceful, at least by the standards of that troubled city. A month later we were seeing pictures of gun-fire from the very places where we had been watching the stars heralding the ‘End of Days’. This marked the beginning of the second intifada or insurrection of the Palestinian Arabs against the Israelis.

This event proved to be the spark that has since ignited the entire Middle East into a period of turmoil it has not known since at least the Second World War and probably centuries longer than that. A year after the start of the intifada, the World Trade Centre in New York was destroyed by planes deliberately crashing into it. As a consequence the USA, Britain and other allies invaded first Afghanistan and then Iraq in an effort to root out terrorists. To date these attempts seem to have caused as many problems as they cured while the terrorist threat has escalated from a simple matter of car-bombs and suicide vests to the founding of an extremist, Islamist state straddling Syria and Iraq.

This too I believe was predictable, indeed in 2000 I prophesied that there would soon be formed a grand alliance of Islamic states intent on the final eradication of Israel. This is predicted in several places in the Bible not least in the Book of Revelation. Here a great battle is predicted that will be fought at Armageddon, ie the vicinity of the ancient town of Megiddo. This lies at the junction of the Jezreel Valley, which runs towards Haifa in Northern Israel, and the Jordan Valley that runs south from Galilee to the Dead Sea.

I now see the formation of the ISIS or IS state in eastern Syria and western Iraq as a precursor to this invasion. Far from joining the west in the eradication of ISIS, I believe that a confederation of Muslim states will rally round it and join forces to invade Israel. Immediately prior to this, the final piece of the puzzle will be when Turkey, hitherto a rather secularist, Muslim state, takes up the banner and sword of Mohammed himself, these currently residing in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul. When this happens we will know that Armageddon is truly at hand.

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