Unlocking the Book of Revelation (Part 1)

Unlocking the secret codes in the Book of Revelation. (Part 1)

Those of you who have read my book Signs in the Sky may remember that it gave the dates of 21st and 29th June 2000 as marking the start of the ‘end times’ as described in the Book of Revelation. My arguments for alighting on these dates are rather too detailed to go into here. Suffice it to say that central point was that the figure in chapters 1-3 of the Revelation called ‘the alpha and the omega, the first and the last’ is symbolic of the constellation of Orion in its role as gate-keeper; the position of the Orion ‘stargate’ being such that the sun is placed there at the summer solstice; and that on 29th June all seven ‘planets of the ancients’ were gathered, like lamps, around Orion.

The fourth chapter of Revelation begins with the words: ‘And after this I [John] looked, and lo, in heaven an open door.’ I equate these words with the events taking place in the sky at that time, the symbolic ‘opening of stargate’ that lies above Orion, at the crossing of the ecliptic and galactic equator and the juncture of the constellations of Taurus and Gemini.

This chapter continues with John’s vision of heaven and of the four cherubim that are linked to the fixed signs of the zodiac: the lion (Leo), the Ox (Taurus), the Man (Aquarius) and the Eagle (Aquila which is linked to Scorpio). The description of the throne of God tells us that He is seated on top of or ‘Above’ the stellar creation; the universe in which God can be met with in person is not of this world or even that of the stars: it is in realms that are ‘higher’ than all of the physical creation.

Chapter 5 concerns the identification of the Lamb (symbolic of the risen Christ): the only being worthy enough to open the seven seals binding the scroll giving God’s judgements upon the Earth.

Chapter 6 documents what happens as each of these seals are opened, one by one. The first four seals relate to the ‘Four horsemen of the Apocalypse’: Imperial Conquest, War, Measurement and Death. The fifth reveals the souls of martyrs and their call for vengeance against those who slew them. The sixth brings earthquakes at what seems to be a time of lunar eclipse which is followed by the earth’s axis shifting. This brings fear and panic to everyone alive on earth, rich and poor alike, as together we all face judgement day.

Chapter 7 brings the sealing and marking of the faithful: first the 144,000, with 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel; then a huge multitude from all the other nations of earth.

Chapter 8 brings the opening of the seventh seal and at first a great silence. This is followed by the first four trumpet blasts of seven angels. Each blast brings a calamity upon the earth. A third of the earth is burned up, a third of the fish in the sea are killed when it is hit by a great rock and a third of the ships are destroyed too; a star (asteroid?) called wormwood hits the earth and makes a third of rivers and fountains bitter; the sun, moon and stars are struck so that a third of their light also is diminshed.

Chapter 9 brings further calamities. A ‘star’ (in this case an angelic being it would seem) falls to earth and opens the gate to a shaft leading to hell. From the shaft emerge demonic locusts with power to hurt men for five months. This terminates the first ‘woe’….and so it goes on.

All this is terrifying for if what I wrote in Signs in the Sky is true, it could be happening very soon. We could debate the meaning of all the symbolism in these and other chapters at leangth and one day maybe we will. However, right now I want to jump ahead to Chapter 13.

This chapter describes the blasphemous rule of the ‘Beast’. It is described as rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads and ten diadems upon its heads. It is described as like a leopard (i.e. a great cat that hunts in the dark) but with feet like a bear (crushing power), mouth like a Lion (tyrranical like an absolute monarch). To this beast is given the power of the Dragon and though one head of the beast is wounded by the dragon’s power it is miraculously healed.

I suspect that this symbolises the re-emergence of the Roman Empire, which in the book of Daniel is symbolised as a leopard. This new ‘Beast’ would therefore seem to represent the European Union, which through stealth (leopard) has taken power from the constituent nations of Europe and will, I suspect, soon be joined by Russia: the nation of the Great Bear (‘the feet’).

Men worship the dragon (i.e. they turn their back on ideas of salvation and self-development and waste their psychic energies on hedonism). This beast is given power by the dragon to dominate the earth for three and a half years.

It is also aided by a second beast, which has two horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. This suggest to me a false parody of Christianity (religion of the Lamb): a church that is satanic in its teachings though it looks, from the outside at least, to be the genuine article. This church, I would argue, is already among us and spreading false teachings about man’s origins and purpose.

Being required, on pain of death, to worship the image of the beast is a reference to both the Book of Daniel (worship of Nebuchadnezzar’s image) and also the Roman Empire, where all people were required to worship the statues of the Caesars as if they were gods. Refusal to do this is what put the early Christians on collision course with the Roman authorities and led to their being thrown to lions, leopards, bears and other wild animals.

The dragon itself has several meanings as a symbol. Firstly it is the constellation of Draco, which in ancient Egyptian times contained the then north star Thuban. As such it symbolises control of the earth’s axis and the magnetic vortexes that enter and leave our planet through the poles. This is closely connected with the idea of reincarnation and our inability as individuals to break out from the cycle of lives to escape through the star-gates. Our current pole star is in the Little Bear Constellation but the dragon still curls its way around it.

This leads on to the dragon’s second meaning which is the ‘astral light’ or magnetic ‘stuff’ from which our astral or ‘blood’ bodies are manufactured. Esoterically, we need to crystallise this body in order to escape the magnetic pull of the earth. In Christian parlance it is the Wedding Garment that we are required to wear if we are to attend the Wedding of the Christ. It is the corruption of this level of our being by the pollution of the astral level that makes it so hard for us to resist temptation. It is like being surrounded in a fog of confused thoughts and emotions that are not even our own: we pick them up like a radio set from the astral. In this pea-soup, we are unable to manifest our true identity and purpose as sons and daughters of God. Worse still, we fail to make the wedding garment while alive and are therefore forced to come back here again and again.


The third meaning of the dragon is the pathway of the moon. The moon’s orbit crosses that of the sun (really the earth) at two points in the sky: the caput draconis (dragon’s head) and cauda draconis (dragon’s tail). Eclipses can only occur when both the sun and moon are at one or the other (or both at the same time) of these points.

In esoteric tradition it is said that the moon takes magnetic energy from the earth that would otherwise go to feeding the astral bodies of mankind. We can make more of this energy energy voluntarily (through prayer, fasting and personal sacrifice) and use this for payment or we can have it taken from us forcefully through untimely death in war. This, however, is a whole other subject that I don’t want to go into here.

Chapter 13 concludes with the chilling revelation that we will be unable to buy or sell anything unless we have on our palm or forehead the ‘mark of the beast’, which is its name or the number of its name. This, we are told, is 666.

In the next essay in this series, we will look into the meaning of this number. This is something that has been deliberated up by philosophers for centuries. However, I have some new ideas which I think may throw new light on this subject and I hope will spark off some discussion among us in the college.

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