Controversial Science

Controversial Science

In the 17th century, what we today call Science was termed Natural Philosophy. The premise then was that the Philosopher, i.e. ‘lover of wisdom’ needed to study the ‘Book of Nature’ as well as the ‘Word of God’. It was understood that Nature, the proper subject to be investigated by the Natural Philosopher was, like ourselves, constrained to obey ‘God’s Laws’.  By studying nature the extent of human knowledge of these laws could also be increased, to the great betterment of all concerned.

This was the motivation behind the formation of the first Invisible College which in 1661 gave rise to The Royal Society. However, such ideas and ideals could not long survive the gradual detachment of Natural Philosophy from its antiquarian roots. Before very long Science had supplanted Philosophy and become itself almost a religion, only without a God.

Today we are once more living in unusual times. The promises made by science that seemed so appealing in the 1960s— free energy, food for all, the end of work—now look like false promises. We are also seeing that the mechanistic model of the universe that has held sway, more or less unchanged, for two or three centuries, has many inconsistencies. As we probe these, so we are being forced to think again about man’s relationship with the cosmos. .This in turn is giving rise to some new and exciting theories that are challenging the whole basis of our world-view. In this faculty we intend to investigate these ideas.

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